New space dedicated to enriching animals' lives

15 August 2012

Enriching animals' lives

Culinary delights such as ‘wriggling mealworms in bamboo tubes' and ‘popcorn-stuffed pinecones' are just some of the special animal snacks being made in the zoo's purpose-built enrichment area.

"Active8" is a new space where some visitors can create items that mentally and physically stimulate zoo animals such as the lions, Vervet Monkeys, African Wild Dogs, Hippos, Cheetah, Gorillas and African Serval Cats.

The zoo's volunteers will run this inspiring program which also promotes creative gardening and recycling tips.

A meerkat enclosure is included in the space to enable visitors to observe the care of our animals from a keeper perspective.

To explore this exciting new zoo space, visit the zoo during the spring school holidays.