25 July 2012

Pedicure time

A pedicure, or hoof trim as it's known in the business, is no easy feat on a large male giraffe.

But for a team of zoo vets and keepers, it was all in a day's work as they trimmed Giraffe Jelani's overgrown hooves during a routine medical procedure.

Regular hoof trimming of ungulates helps to keep their hooves in tip top condition.

The 650kg two-year-old giraffe was anaethetised while the large team, including University of Melbourne clinicians, worked quickly to complete the various tasks.

Jelani arrived at Werribee Open Range Zoo in September last year, after a four-day voyage from Auckland.

You can meet him as he shows off his schmick hooves in the African Savannah, along with six other giraffe, rhinos, zebra, antelope and ostrich.

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