14 August 2013

Wild Sea Keeper Justin Valentine has provided this ‘penguin peek’ photo of this spring’s first Little Penguin chicks in their burrow.

These chicks are the first offspring for this breeding pair. They hatched out on August 5th, and they will be staying in the burrow for about five weeks.

Then Keepers will move the chicks into a separate area where they can train them to be hand-fed. There are another eight breeding pairs of penguins, and they are sitting on eight more eggs.

Most of the Little Penguins at Melbourne Zoo have been born here, but a few join the colony because they have been injured in the wild and brought to the Zoo for rehabilitation.

Whenever possible, rehabilitated Penguins are released near where they were found.

However, in some cases their injuries result in permanent problems that make it impossible to live independently in the wild, so they remain in the care of the Wild Sea Keepers.


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