17 July 2014

Recently The Merrin Foundation committed to a further three years of support for Zoos Victoria, helping to recover wild populations of the Helmeted Honeyeater.

The Merrin Foundation has supported Zoos Victoria’s Helmeted Honeyeater recovery program since 2006, starting by providing a small grant for video cameras and recording equipment.  Since then, the relationship has matured into an ongoing partnership, with annual meetings between the trustees and the team at Zoos Victoria, working together to save this species. 

Trustees have visited the breeding facilities at Healesville Sanctuary and plan to join researchers when they head out into remote bushland reserves to release some of our captive-bred birds back into the wild.

A greater degree of understanding of the problem has allowed the Foundation to decide how to focus their support and make a real, meaningful impact on the program.

This partnership is a great example of how we can work together to fight the extinction of threatened species.

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