12 March 2013

Visitors to Healesville Sanctuary over the weekend were treated to a performance from the Possible Dreams International Choir from Africa.

The 24-strong choir of young locals, including orphans and amputees, sing songs of hope to those living affected by extreme poverty and HIV/AIDS in the rural regions of Swaziland. Their charter is to give voice to those in their communities without a voice.

The Sanctuary concert featured songs highlighting the personal, powerful stories of those who are suffering in Swaziland, with the overall aim of the tour to use music and arts to build bridges of hope and awareness between young people living in rural Swaziland and Victoria.

With the highest prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the world, the highest death rate and among the lowest life expectancy in the world, tour organisers hope to increase awareness of the issues facing rural Swaziland and create lasting cross-cultural bonds.

“This amazing choir creates positive and sustainable change in 32 remote Swazi communities,” Glen Holland, Healesville Sanctuary Director said. “Our work here - fighting extinction and developing community conservation initiatives to create positive change - is closely aligned. We are delighted to offer the hand of friendship to the Possible Dreams International Choir as well as mutual and cultural understanding.”

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