23 May 2014

Yesterday Werribee Open Range Zoo welcomed a very special arrival.

Eighteen-month old female Cheetah, Kulinda arrived at the Zoo yesterday afternoon after a smooth journey from Monarto Zoo.

She will now be spending a minimum of 30 days in quarantine, before making her public debut.

While she will share facilities with the Zoo’s elderly male Cheetah Inkosana, the pair will remain in separate areas to replicate the natural social structure in the wild, where females are solitary unless they are raising cubs.

After the loss of his brother Kaidi last year, the nearby presence of Kulinda will be comforting for our elderly male Inkosana, while providing the new arrival with her own territory.

Kulinda was one of five cubs born to Nakula in October 2012 and her name means ‘protect’ in Swahili.

This morning Keepers say that she has been very confident and relaxed as she explores her new surroundings.

Kulinda is one of seventeen cubs born at Monarto since their breeding program began in 2003.

Photo by Nicole Miller, copyright Zoos SA


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