Wild winds cause damage at Healesville Sanctuary

7 August 2014

For the safety of animals, visitors and staff, Healesville Sanctuary was forced to close last week as wild and destructive winds caused trees to fall and extensive damage to the Woodlands Aviary.

A large Manna gum branch fell onto the aviary roof overnight, causing major structural damage. A four metre puncture hole in the perimeter wire meant, while horticulture and works staff mopped up branches and debris ready for reopening, keepers were busy collecting birds.

Portable bird traps, mist nets and hand nets were used to coax the birds home.

The Woodlands Aviary will be closed to visitors until repair work is complete. However, visitors can still enjoy many of the birds which would have been on display there in other aviaries around the Sanctuary. The Flooded Forest and Fighting Extinction aviaries and Land of Parrots are a must-visit for any bird twitcher.