11 January 2013

Keeper Julie has her hands full looking after our beautiful baby Mountain Pygmy-possums – even though they’re so tiny!

Julie is looking for a team of Keepers for a Day to help fight extinction and care for our precious endangered species.

If you're in Year 7 to 12, or you have children who are, and would like to join Julie and the adorable Mountain Pygmy-possums, there are still limited spaces available for our all-new Keeper for a Day program at Healesville Sanctuary.

The program runs from 9.30am to 3.30pm and there are five dates to choose from. Keepers for a Day will go behind-the-scenes at Healesville Sanctuary, taking part in many daily duties of a threatened species keeper which could include food preparation, animal enrichment, health checks and animal contact.

Book now to reserve your place!

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