7 June 2013

More  than 200 people attended Zoos Victoria’s inaugural Hall of Fame ceremony on Tuesday night to celebrate the meaningful contributions that 10 individuals and institutions have made to the Zoo.

Amongst the inductees were noted philanthropists, Baillieu and Sarah Myer, former Zoos Victoria Chairman Andrew Fairley, staff member Kevin Mason, volunteers Gary Garner and Beryl Durran-Rantall, media representative and journalist for the Age, Bridie Smith and education institution the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria.

Former Chairman Andrew Fairley was recognised for his work pioneering Zoos Victoria’s vision and transforming the organisation though the Fighting Extinction Commitment. During his acceptance speech, Mr Fairley said he was humbled to receive the inaugural Fighting Extinction Award and trusted Zoos Victoria to continue the important work of protecting threatened species.

Zoos Victoria's work fighting extinction was further highlighted on the evening through songs, speeches and even a toy  Eastern Barred Bandicoot  for all guests  to take home.

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Once widespread, the Eastern Barred Bandicoot was brought back from the brink of extinction by the Zoo. You can help our project for captive breeding, re-introduction and predator control by adopting the Eastern Barred Bandicoot.

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