Archie meeting Jesse

Archie Roach visits the Sanctuary

'This is where my music belongs.'

Wominjeka – when Archie Roach, one of Australia’s best internationally recognised singer-storytellers was welcomed to Healesville Sanctuary yesterday, he felt an instant connection.

2 April 2014
Ranger Kids Helicopter

First Look at Ranger Kids

There's just one week to go until the opening of Werribee Open Range Zoo's new play space, Ranger Kids and the team are hard at work on those final touches.

28 March 2014
Entangled dolphin

Search for dolphin entangled in packing tape

If you're planning on enjoying Port Phillip Bay this weekend please keep a look-out for a bottlenose dolphin entangled in packing tape.
28 March 2014
Zoos Victoria logo

Copenhagen Zoo Statement

At Zoos Victoria we have a commitment to act in the best interests of the animals in our care. We also believe in the responsible management of animals to ensure that we avoid breeding more animals than we can compassionately care for and for which we can provide high levels of care.

28 March 2014
Vale Bay

Vale Bay

Melbourne Zoo's Veterinarians and Wild Sea Keepers made the sad decision today to euthanize Australian Fur Seal Bay.

21 March 2014
Tonyi and Tombo

Happy Birthday Tonyi and Tombo!

Lions Tonyi and Tombo turned 18 yesterday, Monday 17 March.

The brothers enjoyed some early festivities at Werribee Open Range Zoo, with a special treat prepared by Keepers and the Zoo's wonderful team of volunteers.

14 March 2014
Elephant Family

Happy Anniversary

A festive gathering at the Zoo this morning celebrated two significant events: the 11th anniversary of the opening of Trail of the Elephants and Thailand’s National Elephant Day.

13 March 2014
Check out my horns

Hide the Waterbuck

This very handsome creature is a waterbuck. His name is Hide and you can see him on Safari at Werribee Open Range Zoo, along with two female and two junior waterbuck in the Woodlands Waterhole. We caught up with Zoo Keeper, Michael, who has known Hide since he was born, to talk all things waterbuck!

13 March 2014
Zoos Victoria logo

Free-entry for Morwell residents

Morwell residents seeking respite from the smoky conditions caused by the Hazelwood open-cut fire are being offered free entry into Victoria's Zoos, including Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Open Range Zoo and Healesville Sanctuary.  

3 March 2014
Stick Insect Survivors

Stick Insect Survivors

Three new arrivals this morning added to Melbourne Zoo’s celebration of the first-ever World Wildlife Day.

3 March 2014