Dr Scheelings at Donna the Platypus

Entangled Platypus lucky to be alive

Rubbish in waterways is a big threat to Platypus and other wildlife. Last week, the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary treated a Platypus who had been brought in by wildlife carers after she had been found crossing a main road.

5 August 2014

Sniffing out the perfect mate

Do Eastern Barred Bandicoots actively choose their mates? If so, how do do they make that choice and what impact does it have?

4 August 2014
Bong Su's Big Birthday

Bong Su's Big Birthday

Asian Elephant Bull Bong Su is the largest animal in Australia.

He’s 3.9m tall and weighs 4,870 kg, and on Sunday he turned the big 4-0, celebrating with his Keepers and a fruit-topped banana cake.

Born in Malaysia, Bong Su came to Melbourne Zoo in 1977 as a three-year-old calf.

4 August 2014
Waiting Game for Pygmy Hippos

Waiting Game for Pygmy Hippo

Zoo Pygmy Hippo Keepers now have a month to wait before any indication of whether the introduction of Petre and Felix this week has been successful.

As the two spent so much time under water, there were no confirmed matings, but there is a possibility that the two did mate.

1 August 2014
Herald Sun Global Tiger Day

International Tiger Day

Today is International Tiger Day and Melbourne Zoo's Sumatran Tigers displayed their impressive skills to help raise awareness about the critical struggle tigers face in the wild.

29 July 2014
We're Expecting

Melbourne Zoo is expecting a baby gorilla after 14 years

Melbourne Zoo’s Primates team is expecting a baby gorilla for the first time in 14 years.

25 July 2014

Feeling Blue?

When Keeper Amie spotted this wild Bowerbird in Healesville Sanctuary’s grounds, she immediately knew something was wrong. She quickly caught it up and took it to the veterinary team at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre.

17 July 2014
Two Helmeted Honeyeaters

The Merrin Foundation renew support for Zoos Victoria

Recently The Merrin Foundation committed to a further three years of support for Zoos Victoria, helping to recover wild populations of the Helmeted Honeyeater.

17 July 2014
Timi the Tree-roo

Vale Timika

On behalf of the many Melbourne Zoo staff who have worked with Goodfellow’s Tree-kangaroo Timika, Director Kevin Tanner is sad to announce the loss of a well-loved Zoo icon today.

11 July 2014
Kipenzi rhino

Kipenzi takes first steps into adulthood

Keepers were on hand recently to capture a huge milestone for one-year-old Southern White Rhino calf, Kipenzi.

10 July 2014