Vet Phillipa looking for duck

Weird and wonderful at the Australian Wildlife Health Centre

The Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary received an odd case yesterday. A woman came to the hospital after hearing movement sounds coming from her car engine the night before.

24 July 2015

Zoos Victoria launches Community Conservation Master Plan

Melbourne has long been considered to be the world’s most liveable city, but what would it take for it to be the most wildlife friendly city?

Thanks to an innovative new strategy released today, this question not only has an answer, but a timeline for completion.

21 July 2015
Melba the echidna

Norton's new friend

A little while ago we shared the story of Norton, a young echidna who was brought into Healesville Sanctuary’s Australian Wildlife Health Centre requiring special care. Norton now has a friend, Melba, joining him on a similar journey.

17 July 2015
Eastern Barred Bandicoot joey

Threatened Species Summit

Zoos Victoria today welcomed delegates from all over Australia and New Zealand for the first Threatened Species Summit held at Melbourne Zoo’s Leopard Lodge.

16 July 2015

Malu safe and sound

Melbourne Zoo’s young Sumatran Orang-utan, Malu, is recovering in his night dens after his brief time in the public area on Monday afternoon.

Melbourne Zoo staff acted quickly to lock-down the Zoo and all visitors were safely ushered into secure areas.

13 July 2015
Puppy patrol video

Puppies on Patrol with New Guardian Dog Squad

Two furry new recruits have joined the team at Werribee Open Range Zoo, as part of an innovative Guardian Dog Trial to help bring the Eastern Barred Bandicoot back from the brink of extinction.

1 July 2015
Monkey Play Tent

First look at Monkey Play

Monkey Play opens today on Saturday 27 June at Werribee Open Range Zoo!

27 June 2015
Parliamentary Secretary with Anzac

Good news for wildlife

Today Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Anthony Carbines announced  a total of $241,000 is available in small grants to shelter operators and foster carers as part of the  the Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning (DELWP)  2015 Wildlife Rehabilitators Grants

26 June 2015
Lion Johari and Lioness Nilo

Meet our new lion pride

Lionesses Nilo and Nairibi have formed a new pride with male lion Johari at Werribee Open Range Zoo.

Following a gradual introduction process, the group are now living permanently together and can be seen by visitors in the Zoo’s Lions on the Edge exhibit.

25 June 2015
Pygmy Hippo baby video

Baby Pygmy Hippo makes a splash!

The baby Pygmy Hippo has made his first splash on display at Melbourne Zoo under the watchful eye of his mum, Petre.

The 3-week old calf has been named Obi by Keepers, which means 'heart' in Igbo, a local Nigerian language.

18 June 2015