Southern Corroboree Frog on nest

Zoos Victoria celebrates Threatened Species Day

Zoos Victoria celebrated Threatened Species Day yesterday announcing its most successful breeding season to date. 

8 September 2014
FE species tile

Which Threatened Species are you?

Do you have a favourite animal?

Maybe one you think is the cutest, or the fastest, or the biggest, or even the smallest; but have you ever wanted to know which animal you’re most like?

5 September 2014
Tassie Devil

Threatened Species Day

Threatened Species Day is held on 7 September each year to commemorate the death of the last remaining Tasmanian Tiger.

5 September 2014
Fiesty, A New Seal at the Zoo

Feisty - A New Seal at the Zoo

There’s a new face in the pool at the Zoo’s Wild Sea exhibit.

New Zealand Fur Seal ‘Feisty’ has arrived in Melbourne by a roundabout route, from Western Australia via Seaworld on the Gold Coast.

4 September 2014
Asian Elephants at MZ

ANZ Zoo Month at Melbourne Zoo

ANZ Zoo Month kicks off this week at Melbourne Zoo with thousands of ANZ customers expected to visit during the month to take advantage of a range of exclusive customer special offers during the month of September.

4 September 2014
Snow Leopard Check Up

Snow Leopard Check-up

All went well this morning when Snow Leopard Leon visited the Zoo’s Vet Surgery for a general checkup and for follow-ups of a previous root canal filling and cardiac examination.

2 September 2014
Man Jai meets Bong Su

Man Jai meets Bong Su

The youngest member of the Asian Elephant herd has met his Dad!

1 September 2014
Rare Reptile Reaches Milestone

Rare Reptile Reaches Milestone

Cobsy, Melbourne Zoo's Black-lipped Cobra has turned 35, but this was a celebration with no treats or toys!

During the cold winter, Cobsy is in torpor and has no appetite, so it could be another month or more before he has his first spring feed.

1 September 2014
Helmeted Honeyeaters nest

Helmeted Honeyeaters hatch their first eggs for the season

Healesville Sanctuary is celebrating the hatching of its first Helmeted Honeyeater eggs of the season.

27 August 2014
In Your Hands - Dr Ian Singleton

In Your Hands - Dr Ian Singleton

One of the world’s leading orang-utan experts and head of the Sumatran Orang-utan Conservation Program has called on Australian food manufacturers to switch to Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO).

22 August 2014