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Check that out!

‘Checkout ’ takes on a special meaning at the Zoopermarket officially launched today at Melbourne Zoo.

24 April 2013
Kinta the giraffe

Popular giraffe Kinta will be sadly missed


Werribee Open Range Zoo’s much-loved giraffe, Kinta, passed away yesterday.

General Manager of Life Sciences, Russel Traher, said the ageing 15 year old giraffe had been battling a gastrointestinal disease for two years.

18 April 2013
Silva the seal

Sad Farewell to Silva

Melbourne Zoo has lost a longtime resident, Australian Fur Seal Silva, who was brought to the Zoo in July 1988 as a victim of marine entanglement.

12 April 2013
Dewi with her favourite strawberries. Photo courtesy of James D. Morgan

The Delightful Dewi

Keeper Kristy Williams was keen to speak about the youngest Sumatran Orang-utan, Dewi, for this month’s animal profile.

11 April 2013
a beautiful bond

A beautiful bond

It’s an unusual but beautiful bond. Chicken the Wedge-tailed Eagle came to the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary in October after trying to enter a local lady’s house through her back door.

9 April 2013
LBP Jay Town v1

Battle for survival for this little possum

Did you know this little guy was thought to be extinct for 50 years, before being rediscovered in 1961? But the super-cute Leadbeater’s Possum is still in real trouble, when more than half the population was wiped out in the Black Saturday bushfires.

5 April 2013

Your chance to win courtesy of ANZ Zoo Month

You have the chance to win some great prizes as part of Zoos Victoria’s inaugural ANZ Zoo Month.

4 April 2013
Keeper Kelly with Coatis

New at the Zoo

Curious about Coatis?

The new Coati Close-up experience will provide plenty of opportunity to find out all about this amazing species from Carnivore Keepers like Kelly Rainbow.

For example, how is it that they can walk down treetrunks head first?

4 April 2013
RMIT windows themed fighting extinction

Saving wildlife, one window at a time

RMIT Visual Merchandising students have brought to life the meaning of fighting extinction in the spectacular window display at RMIT's city campus on Cardigan Street.

3 April 2013
Carbon Neutral Video

Your zoos are now carbon neutral

Zoos Victoria is proud to be the first zoos in the world to be certified carbon neutral.

3 April 2013