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Expectant Elephant

Expectant elephant

The Zoo is gearing up for the exciting event of another elephant birth.

Num-Oi is reaching the end of her 22-month pregnancy, and her due date is expected to be some time between December 31st and January 20th.

21 December 2012
Carols at the Sanctuary

Carols at the Sanctuary

For the first time in its 78 year history, Healesville Sanctuary joined with the Lions Club of Healesville to host Carols by Candlelight. Free entry was offered from 5.30pm with most exhibits remaining open and keepers bringing our beautiful animals to mingle with the enthusiastic crowd.

16 December 2012
Peccary Twins

Peccary twins

Two tiny Collared Peccaries trotting alongside their mother have made their public debut.

Jave gave birth to the twins on November 24th, and their first weeks were spent bonding with her in the night quarters.

15 December 2012
Merry Christmas from Zoos Victoria 2012

Merry Christmas from Zoos Victoria

What a year it has been! 

We continued to grow our fighting extinction efforts for threatened wildlife here in Australia and abroad, and Melbourne Zoo turned 150. What better way to say thanks to all our supporters than with a look at the year that was!

13 December 2012
Zoos Victoria logo

Zoos Victoria statement on Laverton Knackery

Zoos Victoria has ceased all supply arrangements with Laverton Knackery following the presentation of evidence from Animals Australia showing inhumane treatment of horses at their premise.

12 December 2012
Dewi Turns Rwo

Dewi turns two

Baby Sumatran Orang-utan Dewi has celebrated her birthday with a special gluten-free cake and toys.

She also enjoyed the festively-wrapped gift and treat boxes!

7 December 2012
Kim Hollis and Dr Franciscus Scheelings with injured kangaroo

Healesville Sanctuary vets shocked by kangaroo arrow attack

Vets at Healesville Sanctuary are angered by the cruel attack on an Eastern Grey Kangaroo with a bow and arrow in Cardinia Reserve. The Kangaroo has taken a week to capture and the veterinary team performed emergency surgery this afternoon.

5 December 2012
Orphaned Wombats Hamish and Andy

Hamish and Andy’s bumpy start

Wombats Hamish and Andy’s start to life was anything but funny, orphaned when their mums were hit by cars and killed. It’s a timely reminder from Healesville Sanctuary to be careful when driving.

5 December 2012
Orphaned wombats Turtle-belle and Phoenix prepare for take-off to San Diego Zoo

Bon voyage, wombats!

Turtle-belle and Phoenix have been cleared for take-off to the USA today. 

The gorgeous pair of wombats, both turning two in the New Year, are bound for San Diego Zoo this morning from Melbourne Airport and will become ambassadors for their Australian cousins.

28 November 2012
Lily the wombat makes friends at the Sanctuary Gift Shop

Twilight shopping at the Sanctuary gift shop - one night only!

Meet Lily the orphaned Wombat and her friends at twilight shopping at the Healesville Sanctuary Gift Shop.

This Thursday 22 November 2012 is the perfect opportunity to beat the rush and get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

21 November 2012