Oryx Kebili

A special arrival at Werribee Open Range Zoo

Werribee Open Range Zoo has welcomed a very special new arrival, a male Scimitar-horned Oryx calf born on 3 March.

Keepers and Vets are delighted that the birth went so smoothly for first-time mum Mahdia.

Mahdia was born in June 2013 and had a tough start to life.

31 March 2015
Tasmanian Devil

Time to Leave the Den

Have you visited our devilishly cute Tasmanian Devil joeys at Healesville Sanctuary yet? They have been sleeping in the den down at Wombat Boardwalk over the last six months.

31 March 2015
Baby Gorilla Debut

Name our baby gorilla!

Melbourne Zoo has welcomed an adorable new addition to our gorilla family and we are giving you the chance to name her thanks to our media partners, the Herald Sun and Channel Nine.

27 March 2015
2014-19 Wildlife Conservation Master Plan

Fighting back against wildlife extinction

Australia is in the midst of a wildlife extinction epidemic.
But there is hope thanks to Zoos Victoria's Wildlife Conservation Master Plan launched at Melbourne Zoo today.

24 March 2015
Zoos Victoria logo

Zoos Victoria Statement - Taiji

Zoos Victoria advocates for wildlife within Australia and overseas, and in particular Zoos Victoria speaks on behalf of wildlife on the brink of extinction. 

24 March 2015

Keeping an eye on Jess

Healesville Sanctuary’s oldest animal, Jess the Wedge-tailed Eagle, had a visit from an eye specialist on Friday.

19 March 2015
Platypus X-Ray

Vale Velvet

Last week a very young Platypus was delivered to the Australia Wildlife Health Centre at Healesville Sanctuary by long-time wildlife carer Hazel Cook.

19 March 2015
baby gorilla is 4 days old- video

Baby Gorilla Debut

New mother Kimya brought her baby out into the Gorilla Rainforest to meet media this morning.

Although the Western Lowland Gorilla was only born on Saturday evening, Melbourne Zoo Keepers are so pleased with its progress that they decided today would be a good time for its media debut.

18 March 2015
Tonyi and Tombo Birthday

Birthdays and Brotherly Love

Werribee Open Range Zoo celebrated the birthday of Lions Tonyi and Tombo today with a special treat prepared by Keepers and the Zoo’s team of volunteers.

They turned 19 on Tuesday 17 March.

17 March 2015
Baby Gorilla born at Melbourne Zoo video

New baby gorilla born at Melbourne Zoo!

We are delighted to announce that we have a new member of the Zoos Victoria family!

Our Western Lowland Gorilla, Kimya, delivered her first baby at about 6:05 pm yesterday in the Gorilla House night dens.

15 March 2015