Vegie Express

New Vegie Express at Werribee Open Range Zoo

Werribee Open Range Zoo has a very special new piece of equipment called the Vegie Express – a food delivery system that is helping Keepers care for the Zoo’s three Western Lowland Gorillas.

12 February 2015
Member Bridey 1

Be inspired by Bridey!

Meet one of our amazing Zoo Members, eight-year-old Bridey.

12 February 2015
Meerkat Video

Meerkat pups at Werribee Open Range Zoo

Werribee Open Range Zoo's Meerkat family has welcomed two adorable additions, with new mum Akili giving birth to pups in January.

12 February 2015

A fighting chance for our Faunal Emblem

Things may finally be looking up for Victoria’s bird emblem. Following this year’s record breeding season, numbers of the critically endangered Helmeted Honeyeater are at their highest since population monitoring began in 1989.

11 February 2015
Tiger Birthday

Tiger treat time

Every single Sumatran Tiger has a significant role to play in the future of their critically endangered species.

9 February 2015
Wombat in blanket

Black Saturday anniversary

Today is the sixth anniversary of the Black Saturday disaster. The bushfires caused much personal tragedy within Healesville Sanctuary’s local community. 

6 February 2015
Penguin being weighed

Penguin Chicks

Twin Little Blue Penguins made their media debut today, with one assessed as almost ready to leave the nest while its much smaller sibling will still be spending a while in a humidicrib being handraised by Wild Sea Keepers.

4 February 2015

Otana shares birthday treats

Western Lowland Gorilla Otana turned 14 today, and he generously shared his birthday treats with his mate Kimya.

The pair are expecting their first offspring any time from February 20, the beginning of a four-week window when the baby is most likely to be born.

28 January 2015
Eastern Barred Bandicoot

Adorable new addition!

Healesville Sanctuary has a new arrival in the Nocturnal House.

This adorable Eastern Barred Bandicoot joey is now 54 days old and weighs a tiny 112 grams. Her keepers are just a little smitten.

23 January 2015
Eok the Eel in its beginning stages

Sculptor Rob Bast returns to the Sanctuary

World renowned sculptor Rob Bast returned to Healesville Sanctuary today to create his twelfth piece for the Sanctuary; Eok the Eel. Visitors love his previous chainsaw artwork including platypus, parrots, Megalania, skulls and totems. 

22 January 2015