Pre-service educators will participate in the tactile and dramatic play program to experience the sounds, smells and touch of our program for 4 years olds.

This professional learning session provides Pre-service educators with the 45 minute Nature’s Calling program experiencing it through the eyes of a 4 year old. Zoo educators explain the pedagogy of delivering Early Childhood programs that connect students to nature and current Education for Sustainability theory. The second 45 minute session showcases how the Early Childhood program links to both the State and National Frameworks, excursion logistics including risk assessment and how Zoos Victoria’s community conservation campaigns can foster children’s respect for the environment. 


Program details

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Year level 
90 minutes
Diploma and Bachelor students
10:00am-11:35am or 11:40am-1:15pm
Monday to Friday
Program type 
Zoo educator led
What to bring 
Bring Your Own Digital Device

Please call (03) 9731 9601

More information for planning your visit

*Please be at the safari bus shelter 10 minutes prior to departure. Times can't be rescheduled on the day.