Werribee Open Range Zoo

Kubu River Hippos

Step into a wild African wetland at Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Kubu River Hippos experience.

Spanning more than three hectares, Kubu River Hippos is a hippo paradise. Home to five hippos – Harry, Primrose, Brindabella, Tulip and young Lotus – the exhibit features deep pools, sandy beaches, mud wallows and grassy meadows.

From the boardwalk, you can view the hippos from almost every angle, or you can see them up close from the semi-submerged barge, the Kubu Queen. There’s even an opportunity to experience Australia’s only drive-through hippo river on the safari tour.

Fun for kids

Built with families in mind, this experience also has an adventure trail, archeological dig site, interpretive centres, and a hippo water-play. The kids will love the water-play which features five life-sized hippo sculptures – so don’t forget to bring a towel.