Werribee Open Range Zoo

Lions on the Edge

Come face-to-face with a pride of lions at Lions on the Edge. This dramatic savannah landscape is home to eight lions, including three cubs Kubwa, Kashka and Kito.

This world-renowned exhibit immerses visitors in a world where lions and humans live side by side – and gives a sense of the drama and dilemmas that entails.

Experience the world of lions

You’ll walk through a replica of the Botswana bush, beginning with a path through the grasslands that gradually opens up to reveal a waterhole, meerkat community … and lions.

The walk ends with a seemingly abandoned jeep, with its bonnet in the lion’s enclosure and the rest of it within the ‘bushwalk’ area. Feedings regularly occur on the bonnet, drawing the lions enticingly close to the glass that separates them from you as they eat.

Lions on the Edge is a unique opportunity to experience the world of the lions up-close, learning about their environment and the threats to the survival of this species in the wild as a result of habitat loss, prey depletion and conflict with humans.

Fun for kids

Kids will love the exhibit’s interactive elements, including the abandoned jeep, a life-like multimedia soundscape and the chance to get up close to the ‘king of beasts’.