Werribee Open Range Zoo

Safari tour

A visit to Werribee Open Range Zoo is not complete without an adventure on one of our unique safari buses.

Once on board you will be transported through arid landscapes and savannah grasslands to explore open range exhibits and learn about some of the world’s most endangered species.

From the critically endangered Przewalski’s Horses to majestic giraffe traversing the iconic savannah, our 40 minute safari tour offers one of the Zoo’s most popular and unforgettable visitor experiences.

Throughout the tour engaging and informative commentary allows you to connect with and learn about the challenges faced by animals in the wild, and the wildlife friendly communities inspiring our Beads for Wildlife conservation campaign.

Included free in your admission price, our safari tour is wheelchair accessible and suitable for all ages.

Jump on board, sit back and immerse yourself in the wonder of wildlife – the most thrilling safari adventure you’ll have this side of Africa!