Werribee Open Range Zoo offers a unique opportunity to experience an African adventure closer to home and encounter the magnificent animals of the African savannah.  Our 200 hectare property is home to some of Africa’s most iconic animals, as well as wildlife from the grasslands of Asia, North America and Australia. All this, in an open range environment where the animals are given the space to behave as they would in their natural habitats.

Here are just some of the Zoo highlights and animal attractions you won’t want to miss.


Keeper with serval at presentation

Serval Cat presentation

Our daily Serval Cat presentation enables you to enter the realm of the serval cat,  as it leaps, forages and hunts right before your eyes.

Safari Tour

Safari tour

A visit to Werribee Open Range Zoo is unique, as we take you on a FREE safari tour amongst some of the world’s most iconic grasslands animals. 

Gorillas Werribee Open Range Zoo

Gorillas calling

We are home to one of the largest gorilla exhibits in the world. At 6,000 square metres, the spectacular exhibit allows silverback Motaba and his two sons the space to behave as they would in the wild.

Lion Jarrah

Lions on the Edge

Come face-to-face with a pride of lions at Lions on the Edge. This dramatic savannah landscape is home to eight lions, including three cubs Kubwa, Kashka and Kito.

Kubu Hippos

Kubu River Hippos

Step into a wild African wetland at Werribee Open Range Zoo’s Kubu River Hippos experience.

Australian Journey Kangaroos

Australian Journey

Spot Kangaroos, Emu, Brolga, Koalas, Eastern Barred Bandicoots and other Australian natives on a beautiful walk through the Australian Journey grasslands.

Ranger Kids 1

Ranger Kids

Take the kids on a journey through the African savannah with Werribee Open Range Zoo’s indoor play space, Ranger Kids.

Monkey Rope Play Photo by Julie Renouf

Toddler Weekdays

Every weekday is wonderful for toddlers at Werribee Open Range Zoo. Terrific activities will keep the fives and under 'wildly' entertained all day. Enjoy a kid-friendly safari tour across the savannah or sing, dance and play to African-inspired songs at the African Village Dance Party!