Werribee Open Range Zoo

Lion Encounter

King of the savannah, a Lion is capable of speeds up to 80k/h with a roar that can be heard up to 8km away!

In this special behind the scenes experience at Werribee Open Range Zoo you will have the opportunity to meet these incredible animals and learn about the Zoo’s growing pride.

Hosted by our passionate Keepers and Safari Guides, this intimate encounter will take you behind the scenes to the Lion dens where you will learn more about the daily care of our Lions at the Zoo and the changing dynamic of pride life now that that there are three growing cubs in the family!

While our pride lives in safety, Lions in the wild are in trouble.

It’s estimated that there may be as few as 20,000 – 30,000 Lions left in the wild with populations disappearing from much of their original range as a result of human conflict and habitat loss.

During this unique experience, you'll also learn about what’s happening to this species in the wild and the Zoo's unique approach to working with communities and wildlife in Northern Kenya, through the Beads for Wildlife program.