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What's my sales reference?


  • Only one adult, concession or senior admission ticket can be deducted per Zoo Membership. Excludes special event tickets.
  • Children can be added to adult, concession or senior memberships for free after completing the upgrade online. This can be done through the membership dashboard or by calling 1300 966 784
  • Paid child entry tickets are eligible for upgrade to a Zoo Crew or Dragon Guardians membership only, and cannot be deducted from the cost of an adult, concession or senior membership fee.
  • Additional Zoo Members who didn't visit the zoo with you cannot be added when upgrading online.
  • Family entry tickets are currently unable to upgrade online.
  • If you wish to upgrade your family entry ticket, add additional members or don't have your entry ticket, please call 1300 966 784 for assistance.

Thank you for helping us fight extinction

Thank you for helping us fight extinction

What's my sales reference?

Physical tickets

The Sales Reference number is located in the top left corner of your ticket receipt, above the transaction ID.

Online tickets

Sales reference is located above the QR code on your confirmation email.

Need help? Contact us on:
Need help? Contact our
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