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While the ups and downs of 2020 have challenged us, this momentous time has forced us to pause and think about our future – a future that we hope is rich in nature and wildlife.

Despite this hope, some of our iconic native species are struggling. Daily challenges like habitat loss, predators and disease are leading many to the brink of extinction.

With the support of people like you, our recovery work is the starting point to getting these species back on their feet and thriving in the wild. 

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Meet one of the species we’re working to protect

The Tasmanian Devil is an iconic Australian animal, and one that we’re working hard to recover in the wild. They may be small but they sure are fierce, being the largest living carnivorous marsupial in the world.

In the wild, the survival of Tasmanian Devils is seriously threatened by Devil Facial Tumour Disease, which develops rapidly and is fatal. It is estimated that Tasmanian Devils have declined in the wild by 80% because of Devil Facial Tumour Disease.

Once the highly contagious cancerous tumours appear around the mouth, face and neck, the devils sadly deteriorate, and loss of life is expected within three to six months.

Hear from Zoos Victoria’s Reproductive Biologist, Dr Marissa Parrott who has been working with Tassie Devils for 12 years.

How your tax-deductible gift can help  

At Zoos Victoria, we are committed to fighting wildlife extinction. We work with scientists, wildlife experts and communities to save endangered species both nationally and internationally. With your support, we can continue to put local threatened wildlife first, including the iconic Tasmanian Devil. 

We’re a partner of the Save the Tasmanian Devil program 

Zoos Victoria, through Healesville Sanctuary, is a partner of the Save the Tasmanian Devil program. Our role includes breeding and managing Tasmanian Devils as part of the long-term insurance program.

We also assist with monitoring and conducting research in the wild, in the lab and at Healesville Sanctuary, so we can contribute to the greater research and understanding of Devil Facial Tumor Disease and ultimately find a cure.

In 2013, 2015 and 2017, Tasmanian Devils were released from Healesville Sanctuary to locations free of the tumour disease.

Learn more about what's making this iconic Australian animal vulnerable to extinction.

Zoos Victoria’s Detection Dog Squad

You may have heard us talk about Detection Dogs before at Zoos Victoria, we’re incredibly proud of the work they do to contribute towards fighting wildlife extinction and saving vulnerable species.

Detection Dogs not only carefully sniff out endangered species in the wild to monitor their numbers, but for the first time ever, will be undergoing a trial to help endangered, captive animals breed.

This is the first time Detection Dogs have been involved in a project like this, and it’s starting with a trial for the Tasmanian Devils.

If successful, Detection Dogs will be able use their sensitive noses to detect when the Devils are in season so that we can introduce suitable breeding pairs at the right time. We will also be trialling whether the Detection Dogs can indicate if a species has given birth, by detecting the smell of their milk, all without the Detection Dogs even coming into contact with the Devils.

You can read more about this exciting, ground-breaking project here.


Meet Moss, our Fighting Extinction Detection Dog.

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