Digital Program | Primate Evolution

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$180 per class of 30 children (outside of remote learning) OR Free (during remote learning)


Online workshop: Monday to Wednesday (outside of remote learning) OR Tuesday and Wednesday (during remote learning)

Student Ratio

1 adult for every 30 students

Analyse and compare living primates with fossils, bones, bio facts and DNA to reveal human’s closest living and extinct relatives, the evolutionary trends leading from primates to humans and what it means to be classified as Homo sapiens.

Program description

VCE Biology Unit 4

Each program includes a 30-minute online workshop with a Zoo Teacher and a teaching guide filled with activities for your scope and sequence. While not a tour of the zoo, you will have direct access to your own expert Zoo Teacher and unique zoo content.

Through collection of observational data and analysis of fossils, anatomy and DNA, students will uncover human’s closest living and extinct relatives. Determining the evolutionary trends leading from primates to humans.  

Students will explore primate biofacts obtained from the past and present to identify and analyse adaptations and determine the phylogeny of species. DNA sequence comparisons will be utilised to further analyse species relatedness and draw phylogenetic trees. Students will gather some evidence to support human evolution through behavioural observations and comparing with a range of primates.  

Students will learn: 

  • The anatomical and behavioural characteristics of primates, hominoids and hominins 
  • The processes that underpin speciation of primates and humans 
  • Construction and use of phylogenetic trees to identify relatedness of species 
  • How to collect and analyse behavioural observation data 

Want to come face-to-face with our incredible wildlife and extend your students' learning in their environment? Book in an excursion to one of our three amazing zoos.

Program sequence

Before your online workshop


Use the activities in the Teaching Guide and Workbook (below) to inform and prepare students before their online workshop.

During your online workshop

Connect and Understand 

Students will draw on their analysis of anatomical, molecular and behavioural evidence, in combination with understanding of evolutionary processes. They will identify evolutionary trends, describe relatedness of species and build a phylogenetic tree to model human evolution. Data collected and provided can be used as part of the school based assessment. 

After your online workshop


Use activities in the Teaching Guide and Workbook to deepen students’ learning.


Use the Teaching Guide to enable students to master their knowledge and skills in real-world contexts. 

Learning outcomes

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) – Biology

Unit 4: How does life change and respond to challenges over time?

Area of Study 1: How are species related? 

  • Students will use comparative anatomy, behaviour observations and DNA of living and once living primates to explore changes in the genetic make-up of a population, changes in biodiversity over time, determine relatedness between species and human change over time

Area of Study 3: Practical Investigation 

  • Students will carry out behavioural observations and compare primary and secondary data to understand the trends in primate and human change over time that can be used as part of the school based assessment 

Online workshop details

Your Online Workshop will be hosted on Zoom.   

All you need is a computer or device with internet access.

Students can also communicate with a Zoo Teacher by typing in the Chat or Q & A box.  

We will send out a link to join the program to the teacher that booked.

Join us ten minutes before your start time. Arriving early will enable us to check any tech issues and start your session on time.  

Online workshop delivery

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Up to 1000 children  

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