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A Moral Zoo?
Melbourne Zoo | VCE
VCE Philosophy students are invited to join our zoo-based educators in a robust discussion and debate about the ethical dilemmas and moral challenges of running a zoo. Is it ethical to have zoos in the 21st century?
Silhouette of students looking through the under water viewing glass at a seal swimming by.
Tourism's Impact
Melbourne Zoo | VCE
Get a first-hand insight into how Zoos Victoria assesses and mitigates tourism’s impact with an opportunity to collect and analyse on-site data.
Two white cheeked gibbons holding on to rope in their enclosure. A dark coloured gibbon is grooming the light coloured one.
Primate Evolution
Melbourne Zoo | VCE
Analyse and compare living primates with fossils, bones, bio facts and DNA to uncover human’s closest living and extinct relatives to reveal the evolutionary trends leading from primates to humans and what it means to be classified as Homo sapiens.
A female student looking down at a butterfly resting on her shoulder.
Sustaining Life in an Ecosystem
Melbourne Zoo | VCE
Using two real-life case studies, discover what experts need to consider in order to save a threatened frog and butterfly species from extinction. Develop an understanding of the impact of adaptations, homeostasis and disease on survival and collect data to determine how species interact within ecosystems.
Ethics, Zoos and You: Behaviour Change
Melbourne Zoo | VCE
What are the ethics of keeping animals in captivity? Bring a real-world understanding to key VCE Psychology skills by investigating the ethics of captive animals and exploring how Psychology principles are used to encourage pro-conservation behaviour change in a real-world setting.
Ethics, Zoos and You: Research Method
Melbourne Zoo | VCE
Investigate how Zoos Victoria employs VCE Psychology key science skills to optimise the welfare of captive animals and complete a scientific investigation into captive animal research methods.
Primate Evolution (VCE)
Melbourne Zoo | VCE
Primate Evolution enables VCE Biology students to put their understanding to the test; students “connect the dots” between anatomical, molecular and behavioural evidence to demonstrate and enhance their understanding of evolutionary processes and the phylogeny of species.
Zoos and Behaviour Change (VCE)
Melbourne Zoo | VCE
Tuesday 28 July, Tuesday 4 August & Thursday 13 August
Two students looking at a female education officer who is animately explaining something with her hands.
Melbourne Zoo | VCAL
By taking part in SustainABILITY, students get a behind-the-scenes look at what Melbourne Zoo is doing to be at the forefront of sustainability. Students can then use their insights to explore opportunities for their school and home.
Young girl in a eucalyptus tree.
Nature's Calling
Werribee Open Range Zoo | Early Childhood
Nature’s Calling on all the senses to explore, play and learn about wildlife and the natural environment. What will you discover?