A female student holding an animal skull. The skull has its mouth open and a female zoo worker watches on.

Herbivore, Carnivore

Year levels



$19 per student


Monday to Friday (during the school term)

Student Ratio

1 adult for every 10 students

Herbivore or carnivore? Take a close look at various species, their skulls and scats to understand how these organisms function and how their food web sustains them.

Program Description

Compare and contrast the characteristics and digestive system of various species to understand the adaptations that allow them to survive in their environment. 

We go on safari to observe a range of grassland species, in particular ungulates. Students will gain an insight into living systems to determine the beneficial and benign relationships that exist in an ecosystem, the interdependencies and the potential impacts of changes to keystone species in the African savannah.

Learn how to classify mammals into dietary groups based on morphological characteristics, by observing animals and by analysing their skulls and scat. 

Students will learn:

  • The structural, physiological and behavioural adaptations that allow mammals to survive in the African savannah
  • The beneficial, harmful and benign relationships between species
Activity Duration
Workshop with Werribee Open Range Zoo teacher
30 minutes
Safari bus tour 40 minutes
Self-guided walking trails and options to join educational keeper talks  1 – 4 hours

Learning outcomes

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) – Biology

Unit 1: How do living things stay alive?

Area of Study 1: How do organisms function?

Area of study 2: How do living things sustain life?

  • Students will contrast the different digestive system of herbivores, in particular ungulates, to gain an understanding of the adaptations that enhance species survival within a grassland environment


Plan your excursion 

Herbivore Carnivore is an outdoor all-weather program; the students will need appropriate clothing for weather conditions. This could include a raincoat, hat and sun protection. Students will need a copy of the student booklet, clipboard and a pen.

The organising teacher should make themselves known to Admission Staff prior to entering the Zoo so that payment can be made. More information 

Book your excursion

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  • Preferred excursion date
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  • Contact details of organising teacher
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