Kindergarten boy looking through a green magnifying glass to examine a brightly coloured orange and black striped feather.

Nature Play the Wurundjeri Way

Year levels

Early Childhood


$19 per child


Term 1 2020 Only | Monday to Friday (during the school term)

Student Ratio

1 adult every 3 children


Aboriginal Culture, Australian Animals, Ecosystems / Habitats

Engage your senses in nature! Explore Aboriginal culture and learn about Australian wildlife through play and discovery in our Sanctuary.

Program Description

In Nature Play the Wurundjeri Way, children are immersed in the natural world, where they are encouraged to play, explore and discover. Children will engage their senses as they explore, navigate and negotiate outdoor play spaces. They will have opportunities to interact with Aboriginal artefacts, listen to dreaming stories, create art and learn about native wildlife and plants and the Wurundjeri connections to them. Through guided discussions and exploration students will learn about how plants, animals and people are all connected. They will discover what makes this land unique and how to care for the environment – just as the Wurundjeri people do.

Children will learn:

  • About the unique features, habitats and needs of animals
  • Aboriginal culture and connections to the environment
  • To appreciate, respect and care for living and non-living things
Activity Duration

Session with Healesville Sanctuary teacher where children will:

  • Learn about Australian plants and animals and Wurundjeri connections to them
  • Interact with indigenous artefacts
  • Listen to dreaming stories
  • Create their own artwork
  • Explore animal habitats
45 minutes
12pm: Spirits of the Sky show 25 minutes
Outside of your session time: Explore the Sanctuary and attend educational keeper talks Approx. 3 hours

Learning outcomes


Outcome 2: Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children will use self-directed play based learning to explore Indigenous culture, discover animals and their habitats and develop their respect and love for the natural environment
Outcome 3: Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children will be supported to work collaboratively in safe, outdoor, natural play spaces and make new discoveries about the interconnectedness of the land, plants, animals and Wurundjeri culture
Outcome 4: Children are confident and involved learners
  • Children will use their senses to connect with living and non-living things in the natural environment and explore how the Wurundjeri people used different tools, techniques and shared dreaming stories

Plan your excursion 

Nature Play the Wurundjeri Way is an outdoor all-weather program; children will need appropriate clothing for weather conditions.

The organising teacher should make themselves known to Admission Staff via the Members Express Lane to arrange payment. More information

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