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Monday to Friday (during the school term)

Experience biology up close and gather the data you need for your VCE Biology practical investigation.

Program Description

There’s nothing like studying a species up close to get a grasp of how they’ve adapted to their environment.

Staying Alive gives students the chance to collect data on adaptations, thermoregulation and ecological relationships to take back to the classroom for their practical investigation.

Our zoo-based educators will help students practice the skills they need to complete a scientific investigation. Students are then encouraged to conduct independent research at the sanctuary, collecting first-hand data by observing the species of their choice.

Check out the Spirits of the Sky show where students can learn more about adaptations and biomimicry. Staying Alive gives VCE students an invaluable real-world experience that will help them understand and complete VCE Biology Unit 1 back at school.

Students will learn:

  • How animals have adapted to stay alive in their habitat
  • How to collect qualitative and quantitative data on their chosen species to complete their practical investigation back at school
  • An understanding of local and global conservation issues
Activity Duration
Workshop with Healesville Sanctuary teacher – adaptations and data collection 90 minutes
Student-led collection firsthand data on their chosen species 90 minutes
12pm: Spirits of the Sky show recommended 25 minutes

Learning outcomes

Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) - Biology

Unit 1: How do living things stay alive?

Area of Study 2: How do living systems sustain life?

  • Students meet wildlife up close to study adaptations, ecological relationships and human impacts to investigate how living things survive

Area of Study 3: Practical Investigation

  • Students collect qualitative and quantitative data on their chosen species to complete their Practical Investigation back at school

Plan your excursion 

Staying Alive is an outdoor all-weather program; the students will need appropriate clothing for weather conditions. Students will need a copy of the student workbook (download from below), clipboard and a pen.

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