FE Schools Showcase Week

Be Part of the Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase Week 2020 - 23rd – 30th November

Every year Zoos Victoria hosts a very special event to showcase the amazing work of some of our Fighting Extinction Schools. 

This year we have moved online to share students’ work for wildlife and conservation across Victoria. The 2020 Showcase is bound to lift your mood and inspire hope for the future.  

The Showcase will run over one-week where you and your students will get the opportunity view schools’ videos and be inspired by their achievements, whilst interacting digitally with schools, teachers, students and Zoos Victoria.

The 2020 Fighting Extinction Schools digital showcase is live on Flipgrid between Monday 23rd of November until Monday 30th of November. 

Go online any time during the Showcase Week to see your and other schools' videos, and to see and contribute comments about yours and other schools work fighting Extinction. 


To be part of the 2020 Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase week:  

Step 1. Click here to go to the Showcase or view in the embedded window below. 

Step 2. Watch the Welcome Video  

Step 3. Watch the Response Showcase videos and comment on your favorites!  

The Showcase Week will be a time to celebrate and share the work of students, teachers and schools who have been innovative throughout 2020 to minimize their impact and support conservation. This is a great opportunity to become part of a community of schools involved in the Fighting Extinction Schools program.

Share in these conservation wins with Zoos Victoria and join us online for a fun and inspirational week!  


Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does the Fighting Extinction Showcase cost? 

The Showcase is free for all Victorian schools. 

What do I have to do?  

Go online as a teacher, class or school group and view the amazing 2020 Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase Videos uploaded to the 2020 Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase Flipgrid. Leave comments on your favorites and gain inspiration from the amazing work schools have been doing this year for conservation 

Can I get more help with Flipgrid? 

Flipgrid has a fantastic help section with instructional videos. Visit https://help.flipgrid.com/. 

Do my students have to be on camera? 

No, you can choose to comment on videos in text or by video. 

Is Flipgrid a secure site? 

Flipgrid is an education website by Microsoft and is used by schools across Australia (and the world). Your video will be shared with other schools participating in the Fighting Extinction Schools Showcase as well as a select group of Zoos Victoria Staff. Please include minimal detail about your students e.g. their school, first name 

Is there an award for the best video?  

Zoos Victoria staff will be awarding the most innovative teacher and the most innovative class/student based on the videos uploaded.