Gen Wild is youth-led and designed, open to teens of all backgrounds and abilities and caters to all learning needs.

With events running during the school holidays and real-world conservation actions, participants feel like part of a tribe helping to make a real difference in the world.

Gen Wild is open to all high school-aged teens, but Zoos Victoria Members will receive presale access and a discount for all events.

Become part of the movement!

2020 Calendar of events

Please note: the Gen Wild program has been postponed.

FAQs and terms and conditions

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Will I get to touch an animal?

Gen Wild events are about meeting other teens and working with zoo experts to support wildlife and conservation. If you are interested in getting up-close to an animal, you can find out about zoo encounters here. Or if you are thinking about a career as a keeper, find out more about our Keeper for a Day program here.

Who will be running the event? 

Our youth events are run by trained Zoo teachers (they’ve got some great stories to tell). There will be times where other zoo staff and industry experts from outside the Zoo are running a part of the day/all of the day. Our Zoo teachers will always be present during these times.

How many other teens will be at the event?

Gen Wild is a tribe of teens. Each event is designed for up to 200 people, which means you get to meet heaps of other like-minded teens. Throughout the day you will be forming smaller groups for certain activities.

Will we get a chance to explore the Zoo?

We definitely want you to check out the amazing animals we have in our Zoo. There will be several opportunities throughout the day for you to explore.

Where can we store bags/backpacks/personal belongings during the event?

We recommend you keep personal belongings with you. The event space will be secure from the public so you can leave items in their as well.

Where is the best place for us to have lunch?

There are several options at the Zoo for eating. The best spots for lunch are one of the cafes or kiosks, pavilions and lawn areas.

Where are the toilets?

There are several toilets located around the Zoo. Refer to the map for more information.

Where can I buy drinks or food?

There are various places you can purchase food and drinks around the Zoo. Refer to the map for more information.

What if there is bad weather on the day?

Melbourne Zoo is an outdoor all-weather venue. In the event of rain, the event will still go ahead as most of the day will be spent indoors. In the event of extreme or dangerous weather conditions, participants will be notified of a cancellation.