Two women smiling looking at the camera while feeding a giraffe.

Work experience and tertiary placements

Learn about our animals, their habitats, and how everyone at the Zoo plays a role in our conservation work.

Zoos Victoria offers a range of opportunities for students of secondary and tertiary age to gain valuable work experience as well as to inspire the next generation of young people to choose Victoria’s zoos as their workplace.

Keeper For A Day

Head behind the scenes at Werribee Open Range Zoo and become a keeper for a day! Learn more 

Secondary school work experience

Application timelines

Online applications for 2020 are now closed. Learn more 

Zoos Victoria accepts applications one year in advance from interested secondary students.

  • Victorian secondary students aged over 15 years are eligible for the program
  • School Careers Coordinators can only endorse one student per school
  • The program is a full-day, week-long, and all-weather
  • Attendance dates for the successful students will be available over each term
  • Successful students will be required to perform physically demanding manual labour duties under supervision

Students will gain a deeper appreciation of wildlife, the environment we share with them and how each role within the organisation works towards conservation.

Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat being held by a keeper while a vet does a health check with a stethoscope.

Final year Veterinary work placements

The Veterinary Department currently offers a clinical externship program for students undertaking a Veterinary Science degree at university. The program is offered to local and international students completing their final (clinical) years and is advertised within the Veterinary Science faculties each year.

Placements are awarded on the basis of the written application and they must consist of a two-page maximum cover letter and a resume.

How to apply

2019 Applications closed

Online applications will open 1 February and close 31 March. Students need to apply in writing in February-March of the year before they wish to attend.

Before applying, please read our FAQs.