Design Thinking is framework that enables people to find solutions to big challenges. Watch these videos to learn what happens at each stage of Design Thinking.

These videos are for the STEM Design Challenge, which is part of Zoo Education Online.


Hear about the Design Thinking framework and what you will be doing during each of the four stages. Great news! You can now upload your design to Flipgrid instead of YouTube. See your Student Workbook for more information.

Stage 1: Understand

Discover how to research the big challenge.

Stage 2: Ideate

Find out how to brainstorm ideas and choose one to prototype.

Stage 3: Prototype

Understand how to build your idea using what's around you.

Stage 4: Test and Refine

Get help to test and improve your prototype. Want to share it with Zoos Victoria? Upload your design to Flipgrid (read your Student Workbook to find out how).