A close-up portrait of a Kangaroo Island Kangaroo. Detailed side view of fur up close and right eye.

Close-up encounters

Cost (excludes general admission)

Kangaroo, Koala and Python: $30 ($27 for Zoo Members)
Dingo and Echidna: $50 ($45 for Zoo Members)


10 minutes


Every day


Minimum age and group sizes apply

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Want a magical, memorable wildlife experience to treasure forever?

Buy a close-up encounter with your entry ticket and enjoy a special 10 minute experience with your favourite Australian animal.

In these encounters, you will enter the animal’s exhibits where our Wildlife Encounters Rangers will share fun and interesting facts about the animals with you.

The encounters are perfect for individuals, couples or families, these unforgettable small group experiences will allow you exclusive up-close access.

Check out the list of close-up encounters below.



Kangaroo close up

Kangaroo Close-up

Say g’day to a kangaroo and discover interesting facts about our mob as rangers guide you through the exhibit. Meet, greet and feed these amazing animals.

Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early.

Echidna being fed from tub

Echidna Close-up

Meet one of our shy little echidnas in this unique encounter. You'll learn from our rangers how these egg-laying mammals feed and evolved to become Australian icons.

Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early and get ready to learn new things your spiny sidekick. Unfortunately, this is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Two people looking at a koala in a tree

Koala Close-up

Meet our sleepy koalas when you venture into their exhibit. Learn some remarkable facts about Australia's favourite tree-huggers and see why they've captured the nation's hearts.

Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early.

Python on ground

Python Snake Close-up

The python encounter is the perfect way to introduce kids to snakes in a non-scary way. Our rangers will introduce you to these relaxed reptiles and can give you some insight into caring for these beautiful reptiles.

Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early and get ready to learn new things about our scaly friends.

Dingo looking at camera

Dingo Close-Up

Our Dingoes will make you laugh as they show off their boisterous personalities.

Be sure to arrive 30 minutes early, and get ready to learn new things about dingoes.