A small Leadbeater Possum wrapped in a blanket A small Leadbeater Possum wrapped in a blanket

Endangered Animals – Leadbeater’s Possum


Thursday 17 October 2019


2.30pm - 3.00pm






This is suitable for students in years 3-10

Student web conference

Victoria’s faunal emblem, the endearingly small and shy Leadbeater’s Possum is in trouble. In this free web conference, students will meet our zoo experts and discover how the situation got so bad for our little Leadbeater friend and, more importantly, what we can do to help. Students will witness STEM at work as we demonstrate how we use our knowledge and skills to run breed and release programs to solve complex, real-word, conservation challenges.

In this virtual learning experience, your students will:

  • Hear from Zoos Victoria keepers about what we can do to save endangered species
  • Explore the value STEM skills to address real-world conservation challenges
  • Ask our zoo experts questions and learn how you can help us fight extinction
  • Continue their learning with additional information and resources

Enjoy this virtual learning from the comfort of your classroom using Adobe Connect. You and your students can join us live on your school’s computer (hooked up to a screen or interactive whiteboard) or on their own device. They will be watching a live video stream and will need to be able to listen to the conversation. Students can type their comments and questions; no camera or microphone is required.

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