Tank Talk



Temporarily cancelled. More info >>




Free with general admission


Limited seating. Please note that phone bookings cannot be accepted. Arrive 10 minutes before the talk to make sure you get a seat.

Temporarily cancelled

This show has been cancelled until further notice. More information 

Think the platypus is a shy and reclusive creature? Think again!

Our expert platypus keeper will have you enthralled as you see a special little Australian up close. Find out about their unique behaviours and individual quirks as the keeper talks to you from the tank where they interact with this iconic species.

Plus, find out about one thing you can do to ensure our freshwater animals, such as the platypus and marine life, can be safer in their natural environments  be prepared for a few bubbly surprises!

The platypus Tank Talk is on daily in the Tales from Platypus Creek Arena.

This project is co-funded by the Australian Government under T-QUAL grants.