Drink in Merlot, the Adorable Kangaroo Island Joey

04 March 2020

The Sanctuary welcomes Merlot, a Kangaroo Island joey stealing that will steal your heart.

After months of caring for bushfire victims, Healesville Sanctuary is celebrating the arrival of a beautiful new Kangaroo Island joey.

Little Merlot was born around seven months ago but has only recently started exploring the world outside her mum’s pouch. She can now be seen hopping around Kangaroo Country at the Sanctuary with her mum Merle.

Hipperty hopperty, your "aww"s are my property.
Hipperty hopperty, your "aww"s are my property.

Kangaroo keeper Katherine Sarris says Merlot is curious and occasionally mischievous, and loves spending time with (and sometimes bothering) the other members of her mob.

“Merlot, our little Kangaroo Island joey, likes going up to some of the other kangaroos in the mob and saying hi with little nose sniffs,” Ms Sarris said.

“She’s also quite confident around people.”

Kangaroo Island Kangaroos are sometimes mistaken for wallabies as they are smaller than many other kangaroos, but are a sub-species of the Western Grey Kangaroo.

Kangaroo Island was heavily affected by recent bushfires. Ms Sarris said wildlife agencies are still assessing the full impact on animals and plants.