LEAP Mini Masterclass


Monday 8 August 2022


9.30am-11.30am: SustainABILITY
Proactively manage your environmental impact

12pm-2pm: Connect Understand Act
Inspiring behaviour change and conservation action

2.30pm-4.30pm: Wildlife Wellness
Supporting zoo animals to thrive in our care


Bong Su Function Centre, Melbourne Zoo


$89 AUD to access all three sessions

$39 AUD for ZAA members. To redeem this price, email
ZVconsultancy@zoo.org.au with proof of your ZAA Conference ticket to receive your unique promo code


This is a professional development opportunity for like-minded conservation organisations and professionals

This event is not appropriate for the general public

Must be 18 or older to attend 


All sessions are spoken in English and held in-person at Melbourne Zoo

Sessions are not recorded or available online


Bookings close 8am Monday 8 August 2022

Masterclass overview

Zoos Victoria are a world-leading zoo-based conservation organisation. Over the last decade we have become a trusted voice in animal welfare, and award winning leaders in community conservation campaigning and environmental sustainability.

Zoos Victoria LEAP Masterclasses share our research and knowledge with the wider community through innovative learning opportunities.

Hosted at Melbourne Zoo, this masterclass program offers a series of two hour intensive sessions for like-minded professionals, providing an insight of our LEAP program. Be inspired by our latest research and programs and learn how you too can have more impact and purpose in your profession.

Detailed program

SustainABILITY: Proactively manage your environmental impact
Facilitated by Kiam Yoong

Carbon neutrality, net-zero, EMS, ESG…what does it all mean? Where do you start and how do you cut through the greenwashing?

Discover our world-leading secrets from our Environmental Sustainability Manager, Kiam Yoong, who has shaped our journey since 2008, and who will share with you key lessons learned in environmental management, carbon neutrality, renewable energy, waste management and ESG procurement.

Session insights
  • Environmental Management
  • Improving carbon literacy
  • Waste management
  • ESG procurement
Ideal for industry working in
  • Zoo management
  • Sustainability
  • Horticulture
  • Project management
Connect Understand Act: Inspiring behaviour change and conservation action through our newest campaign
Facilitated by Lian Wilson, Emily McLeod and Peter Lancaster

Learn how our Community Conservation team has formulated their latest campaign to support local communities, protect forests and save wildlife, using our Connect Understand Act (CUA) model that underpins Zoos Victoria’s award-winning Community Conservation campaigns.

We will cover finding ethically and sustainably sourced products, identifying key benefits and barriers to sustainable consumption behaviours, and developing activations to encourage the purchase of Zoos Victoria's newest wildlife friendly product.

Session insights
  • Application of the CUA framework to design a community conservation campaign
  • Examples of effective tools to influence attitudes, beliefs and facilitate behaviours
  • Developing community conservation partnerships
Ideal for industry working in
  • Community engagement
  • Marketing
  • Campaigning
  • Communications
  • Visitor programs
  • Visitor experience
Wildlife Wellness: Supporting zoo animals to thrive in our care
Facilitated by Dr Alison Clarke and Amanda Embury

From strategy to operations, learn about our evidence-based approach that guides decision making and selection of species, and supports continuous improvement in husbandry, housing and care to create populations of thriving individuals. See how the guiding ethical principles of ‘justified’, ‘humane’ and ‘effective’ are applied to provide for conservation and animal welfare outcomes, and to consider the variable needs of species now and into the future.

Animal Welfare Life Sciences team members will provide insights into our ‘Code for Animal Welfare and Ethics’, ‘Species Planning Framework’ and associated strategies and assessment processes.

Session insights
  • Application of animal welfare processes that provide for risk mitigation, conflict resolution, and improved wellbeing
  • Approach insights for reflecting on species in our care, including conservation value
  • Long-term species planning to inform future requirements
  • Integration of ‘Five Domains’ thinking
Ideal for industry working in
  • Wildlife care and management
  • Zoos, sanctuaries, animal care
  • Animal welfare and ethics
  • Complex decision-making


  • Admission to Melbourne Zoo
  • Access to Zoos Victoria case studies and insights
  • In-person access to Zoos Victoria’s Wildlife Conservation and Science experts
  • A great networking opportunity to meet like-minded professionals and organisations
  • Discount offer to Zoos Victoria's CUA Toolkit


Participants can enter Melbourne Zoo from 9am and make their way to the Bong Su Function Centre. The masterclass commences at 9.30am sharp and finishes at 4.30pm approximately. Each session includes a Q&A opportunity.


About the facilitators

Pete Lancaster, Community Conservation Campaigner

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Pronouns: He/him

Pete has spent nearly 15 years connecting a range of audiences with nature, as well as helping to develop and facilitate opportunities for people to take conservation action.

After obtaining a BSc (Hons) in Animal Behaviour, Pete spent almost a year in South Africa and worked with the National Parks’ People and Conservation Department.

Realising just how crucial an engaged and active human community is to success in conservation, he changed focus and began his career in behaviour change. He has been involved in the development and front-facing delivery of community conservation programs both locally and internationally and loves seeing the light-bulb moment people have when they realise they can make a difference to the world around them.

Lian Wilson, General Manager Community Conservation and Learning

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Zoology), Graduate Diploma of Education
Pronouns: She/her

Lian is the General Manager of Community Conservation for Zoos Victoria and passionate about harnessing the power of people to secure a sustainable future for all. Lian leads a team of conservation specialists that work through the community to foster emotional connections, create advocates for wildlife, and facilitate pro conservation behaviours delivered through award winning campaigns and education programs. She is committed to growing the potential of young people, to ensure our future has leaders that champion wildlife conservation, and supporting organisational change to secure a future for wildlife.

She currently sits on the International Zoo Educators Board as Journal Editor, contributing to building the international zoo and aquarium conservation education profession, and the Zoo and Aquarium Association Conservation Engagement Committee. Lian is also a member of the Victorian Department of Education and Training Strategic Partnerships Program Advisory Group and contributes to various Victorian DELWP expert groups and panels that foster collaboration and connecting the Victorian community to nature.

Emily McLeod, Senior Social Science Research Manager

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Psychology/Psychophysiology), Bachelor of Science (Zoology), Master of Science (Zoology)
Thesis topic: The influence of personality on brood care and nest defence in the cooperatively breeding Superb Fairy-wren (Malurus cyaneus)
Pronouns: She/her

Emily is a conservation social scientist with an interdisciplinary background in the social and biological sciences. She leads the social science research program at Zoos Victoria, conducting research on how conservation organisations can best connect people with wildlife and the environment with the goal of fostering sustainable behaviours in the broader community. During her research career she worked on a range of projects, from assessing flight distances in waterbirds, to examining the impact of human-zoo animal interactions on both animal welfare and zoo visitors’ experiences at The Animal Welfare Science Centre.

Emily joined the Wildlife Conservation and Science team at Zoos Victoria in 2017, where her current research involves applying social-psychological theories and methods to understand the drivers of pro-environmental behaviours in order to inform how we can best engage our community in conservation action. Emily has a particular interest in wildlife tourism and is exploring ways to encourage responsible wildlife tourism behaviours through her PhD at Queensland University of Technology.

Dr Alison Clarke, Animal Welfare Specialist

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Zoology), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Member of Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (Animal Welfare)
Thesis topic: End of life decision-making at the Zoo: Practices and employee perspectives within Australasia
Pronouns: She/her

Since 2018, Alison has been working as a clinical zoo and wildlife veterinarian in New Zealand – across Auckland Zoo, Wellington Zoo, and Massey University’s Wildbase Wildlife Hospital. In 2021, she achieved Membership qualifications in ‘Animal Welfare’ with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS), and is currently completing her Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc) with a multi-disciplinary, mixed-methods project exploring employee perspectives around zoo animal euthanasia and population management. Prior to this, she lived and worked in North Queensland as a wildlife and domestic pet veterinarian for James Cook University, after graduating from the University of Melbourne with the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) in 2015. She has spent considerable time working with primates in biomedical research facilities across Australia, Japan and America; and have worked with Vets Beyond Borders in India.

Amanda Embury, Senior Manager Animal Welfare and Life Sciences

Qualifications: Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Zoology), Diploma of Education, Graduate Certificate in Competitive Systems and Processes, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Graduate Certificate in Environment and Heritage Interpretation
Thesis topic: Comparison of the behaviour of zoo and wild gibbons

Amanda became Melbourne Zoo’s Records Officer in 1984. Since then, she’s worked with learning experience, projects and life sciences teams across our three zoos, and with Corporate business units. Research comparing the behaviour of wild and zoo gibbons, sparked an interest in enrichment and an ongoing commitment to improving the lives of zoo animals. Her training in zoology and interpretation was applied to the design of exhibits and visitor experience for Melbourne Zoo's Gorilla Rainforest, Trail of the Elephants and Orangutan Sanctuary.

She’s active in our regional species management programs, being a species co-ordinator and Chair of the Animal Management Committee. She has a broad understanding of zoo operations – leading her to diverse tasks such as developing a species assessment tool, writing policies, organising peanuts and other food for elephants being quarantined on Cocos (Keeling) Islands, delivering training programs for zoo staff; and finding time to visit the zoo’s Coatis.

Kiam Yoong, Senior Manager Environmental Sustainability

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), Master of Engineering (Cleaner Production)
Pronouns: He/him

Kiam Yoong is an Environmental Sustainability professional passionate about a world in harmony with the natural environment. His expertise and key work areas include:

  • Development of environmental sustainability policies and strategies
  • Developed and implemented ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System
  • Climate Change mitigation taking into demand side management (eg resource efficiency), alternative energy sources (eg renewables) and carbon sinks (eg avoided deforestation offsets)
  • Carbon Accounting and certification to Climate Active carbon neutral certification
  • Zero Waste to Landfill management plans
  • Resource Efficiency
  • Environmental, Social and Governance Procurement

Kiam is also the Convenor - Environmental Sustainability Specialist Advisory Group for the Zoo Aquarium Association and a member of the Task Force on Single-Use Plastics for World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

For more information on this event contact zvconsultancy@zoo.org.au