Term 3 activities with Keeper Kids

Foster your child’s love of wildlife through connection with the wonders of their natural world.

Enjoy a range of activities for children aged 0-8, designed and brought to you by the Early Childhood Educators at Keeper Kids.

This term, we are learning about the Mountain Pygmy Possum, through story telling, craft and play.

Try these activities from home, or visit Keeper Kids at Melbourne Zoo for educator-led daily activities (weekdays during the school term): 

  • 10am Story time held inside at Keeper Kids
  • 11am Nature play* 
  • 12.30pm Crafternoon*

*See What's On Board inside Keeper Kids for location. Subject to change or cancellation without notice. 

Story time

Our feature story this term is Pippa the Mountain Pygmy Possum by Kate Rijs. Run, Pippa, run!

Winter will soon be here in the Mountains. Pippa the Mountain Pygmy-possum gathers food to prepare for her long winter’s sleep. Will her favourite food the Bogong Moth be there when she wakes up? 



Make a Bogong Moth mobile that will flutter in the wind, you could hang it above your bed as a reminder to turn off lights at night. These moths are such an important food source for Mountain Pygmy Possums, in the story Pippa was waiting for the moths to return to fill her hungry belly. We can help the Mountain Pygmy possum by turning off our outdoor lights starting September 1st. Find out more here


Bogong moth activity page



If you enjoyed making the mobile, try this Bogong Moth nature activity next! 

Nature play

Learn more about your local wild areas through play in nature. Can you make a cosy Mountain Pygmy-Possum nest or cubby? You will find some instructions below. 


mountain pygmy possum nest cubby



Looking for more nature play? See if you can find and identify marsupial poo on a bushwalk at your nearest State Forest or National Park. 


Marsupial crafts!

Create your own Tassie Devil puppet or whip up something delicious in the kitchen with our Wombat Poo Slice recipe. 

Come back next school term, for new and engaging activities on another one of our Local Threatened Species