Snow Leopard Cubs

Melbourne Zoo is celebrating the safe arrival of three rare and precious Snow Leopard cubs

In the early hours of Sunday 26 January, Melbourne Zoo saw the exciting arrival of three snow leopard cubs, to first time mum Miska and dad Kang-Ju. 

As part of the European breeding program for the species, mum Miska and dad Kang-Ju were introduced at Melbourne Zoo to help contribute to the insurance population for this vulnerable species.

All three cubs were born healthy, with Miska being an absolute rockstar of a first-time mum.  

Cub Cam

Although mum and cubs will remain in their private den for the next couple of months to bond and grow, we're inviting members and visitors to view the nesting den via a live "Cub Cam" camera situated at the snow leopard exhibit.

Through the 'Cub Cam', you'll be able to see live footage of the cubs feeding, sleeping and snuggling up to their mum. A very rare and precious sight to see!

Supporting the international conservation of Snow Leopards

Zoos Victoria contributes to the conservation of Snow Leopards in the wild by helping to fund conservation programs in local communities.

Zoos Victoria awarded grants to the Nomadic Guardians Foundation in 2018 and again in 2020. The foundation works to protect Snow Leopards in the wild while also helping local communities earn a living from farming. livestock. 

Snow leopards are among the world's most elusive and solitary animals and are classified as vulnerable in the wild, where they live in harsh mountain environments in countries including India, Nepal, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Threats faced by snow leopards in the wild include poaching and habitat loss due to mining developments.  

Help fight wildlife extinction

Zoos Victoria is a not-for-profit conservation organisation and every visit to Melbourne Zoo helps fight wildlife extinction. Become a Zoo Member to join the fight and to watch these cubs grow with unlimited entry 365 days a year.