Terrarium Tipples


1 April & 13 May




$169 per adult (non-member)

$152 adult (member)


18+ adults only experience

Learn about our micro-environments before creating your very own in the form of a terrarium.

Join one of our engaging zoo rangers and explore some of our smaller creatures as the zoo winds down for the day.

Then enjoy a glass or two of beer or wine as you graze at the charcuterie table while being guided through the construction of your very own terrarium at Melbourne Zoo.

A keeper stands at a terrarium making station as two women sit on the other side and drink sparkling wine.
  • 4:30pm - Welcome and introduction
  • 5pm - Guided walking experience through our Reptile and Frog House
  • 6pm - Drinks and charcuterie grazing table as terrarium construction begins
  • 7:30pm - Approximate finishing time 
Melbourne Zoo provides:
  • Beer, wine, soft drink, juice 
  • Charcuterie grazing table
  • Everything needed to create a terrarium
Two Green tree frogs on a log.