Endangered Animals: Plains-Wanderer (Year 5 - 8)


Thursday 25 June


2.30pm - 3pm






This is suitable for students in years 5 - 8

Student webinar

Tune in to hear from zoo experts about the adorable Plains-Wanderer, why it’s under threat in the wild and all the strategies and opportunities to save it from extinction so it can continue wandering our native grasslands.

Students can join a webinar using a website link or the Adobe Connect app on their tablet or phone. They will need speakers or headphones to hear the conversation and a keyboard to type their questions into the chat box. No camera or microphone is required.

This student webinar links to Victorian Curriculum Levels 5-8: Science.

Students will:

  • Learn about Victoria’s most endangered ecosystem and what has caused change over time
  • Hear about the Plains-Wanderer and Zoos Victoria’s recovery program
  • Meet experts and have the opportunity to ask questions based on your curriculum focus

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