Thinking Global: Geography, Gorillas and Us (Year 5 - 10)


Thursday 27 February


2.30pm - 3pm






This is suitable for students in years 5 - 10

Student webinar

Humans have a huge influence on the world around us. Uncover some of the connections between humans and the animal world as we explore the plight of the Gorilla deep in Sub-Saharan Africa. You’ll discover the relationship between the choices we make and the impact on the environment, but also find out ways you can make a change for good.

Register your students and join us live using Adobe Connect on a computer (hooked up to a screen or interactive whiteboard) or electronic device. You will watch a live video stream and will need sound to hear the conversation. Students will be able to type questions via a live chat box - no camera or microphone is required.

This student webinar links to Victorian Curriculum Levels 5-10: Geography.

Students will:

  • Meet zoo experts who can help to explain the complex relationships of the environment and human influences on gorillas
  • Learn about gorillas and the threats they face in the wild and the simple actions that can help to save them
  • Have the opportunity to ask zoo experts and keepers questions related to your curriculum focus

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