One Orange-Bellied Parrot sitting in a tree One Orange-Bellied Parrot sitting in a tree

Hope is on the Horizon

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Zoos Victoria has plans in place to ensure six local endangered bird species continue to spread their wings and thrive. Much-loved species such as the Orange-bellied Parrot, Helmeted Honeyeater and Plains-wanderer are challenged by the triple threats of habitat loss, climate change and predation.

Hope is on the horizon. Working together, the recovery of most threatened Victorian species is entirely achievable. But it requires knowledge, innovation, adequate resources, and determination. Zoos Victoria has developed a strong vision for success and there is considerable momentum towards achieving recovery in the wild. With your support we continue our shared fight to save some of Australia's most iconic yet Critically Endangered bird species.

As our valued supporters, we warmly welcome you to register for this free event to discover how we are making a real difference for wildlife this year. Join us to meet some of the passionate people behind Australia's most exciting conservation programs as they share their experiences from out in the field and on the front line saving our precious birdlife.

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About the host

Dr Sally Sherwen

Director of Wildlife Conservation and Science

Dr Sally Sherwen is the Director of Wildlife Conservation and Science at Zoos Victoria. Sally leads a dynamic team of scientists and specialists that develop and deliver strategic programs in conservation, animal welfare, education and environmental sustainability. Sally has a PhD in Animal Welfare Science and in previous roles has established an evidence-based research program in animal behaviour and welfare science, developed and implemented an institutional welfare assessment tool to advance welfare standards and designed and ran collaborative training courses with several NGOs for industry professionals and community groups.

About the speakers

Chris Hartnett

Threatened Species Program Coordinator, Zoos Victoria

Chris Hartnett is a Threatened Species Program Coordinator in the Wildlife Conservation and Science Department at Zoos Victoria, which is committed to recovery actions for 27 priority species that have been identified as being at risk of extinction within 10 – 20 years. Working closely with a range of conservation partners, Chris has led the strategic planning and implementation for Zoos Victoria’s Detection Dogs program since 2016, and Plains-wanderer program since 2018. Chris has extensive experience in experimental design and implementation, and has played a project management and field officer role within a number of conservation projects for Australian native species, including  the  Orange-bellied Parrot (captive – wild translocation), and the use of detection dogs to locate threatened wildlife including the Plains-wanderer.

Dr Paul Eden

Associate Veterinarian, Werribee Open Range Zoo, Zoos Victoria

Paul Eden has more than 20-years of zoo-based and wildlife veterinary experience, including a wide range of threatened species recovery programs at Zoos Victoria and Perth Zoo. Paul graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1997 and completed a Masters of Science, Wild Animal Health at the Institute of Zoology (London Zoo) and Royal Veterinary College (London) in 2002. Since 2012, he has chaired the Veterinary Technical Reference Group, a subcommittee responsible for providing veterinary information, advice and support to the Orange Bellied Parrot Recovery program. Paul also contributes to the breeding and wild release conservation actions of The Plains-wanderer Recovery program. 

Dr Michael Magrath

Senior Research Manager, Zoos Victoria

Dr Michael Magrath is a wildlife and behavioural ecologist who works primarily on the conservation of Australian threatened species. Michael completed his undergraduate studies at the Australian National University and then a PhD at the University of Melbourne, graduating in 1998. Before joining Zoos Victoria in 2010, he led a range of post-doctoral research projects on the behaviour, ecology, and conservation of wild bird populations, both in Australia and the Netherlands. Since starting with the zoo, he has been the Senior Manager of Research in the biological sciences. He specialises in the planning and evaluation of research and conservation actions for threatened species and has a particular involvement with the Orange-bellied Parrot and Helmeted Honeyeater recovery programs.

Dr Dan Harley

Threatened Species Project Officer

Prior to joining Zoos Victoria, Dan Harley worked for the South Australian Government on a range of threatened fauna recovery projects, covering a diverse range of species from legless lizards through to Malleefowl and Bush Stone-curlews. He joined Zoos Victoria in 2010, and his role includes identifying which species require urgent management interventions, developing the strategic objectives for those species, and ensuring that the captive-breeding programs are strongly linked with in situ recovery measures. Habitat restoration, translocation and genetic rescue are major features of his current work with the Critically Endangered Helmeted Honeyeater.

One Orange-Bellied Parrot sitting in a tree preparing to fly
Help us continue our shared fight to save some of Australia's most iconic yet Critically Endangered bird species.