A Bundle of Joey arrives at Melbourne Zoo

14 November 2019

Melbourne Zoo is celebrating the birth of a baby koala – the first joey born at the Zoo in more than eight years.

The adorable baby has just started to emerge after several months growing inside its mother's pouch.

Melbourne Zoo’s Australian Bush keeper Maddy Jamieson said the first-time koala mum Karri is doing a wonderful job caring for her joey.

“Karri has been a fantastic mum so far," Ms Jamieson said. "She is feeding the joey really, really well and she is looking after her and doing everything that she is supposed to be doing.

“It is very exciting to have a new joey here at Melbourne Zoo. It is our first joey in about eight years, with mum Karri being the last joey that we had here at Melbourne.”


Melbourne's Zoo male koala Koreen – who came to Melbourne from Healesville Sanctuary in 2018 - is the new baby's father.

Ms Jamieson said the koala joey is becoming increasingly adventurous.

“We’ve started to see the baby pop its head out of the pouch and we’ve started to see it get its little arms out and also have a little bit of a sniff of the gum leaves, just checking everything out.

“In about a month we’ll start to see it fully emerge from the pouch and also start to eat the gum that the koalas eat as adults.”

“We are not sure whether it is a boy or a girl," Ms Jamieson said. "So it doesn’t have a name. But when we have one we look forward to sharing it with our members and visitors.

“It is really exciting for us as a team. Everyone is really happy that Karri has had her first joey.”

Melbourne Zoo's koala family can be seen every day of the year between 9am and 5pm.

Koalas are classified as vulnerable in many parts of Australia, with populations under threat from habitat destruction and disease.

More information about Zoos Victoria’s conservation work with native threatened species can be found at zoo.org.au/fighting-extinction.

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