Melbourne Zoo Welcomes Dynamic Dingo Duo

04 November 2022

A playful pair of Dingos can now be seen within the Carnivores precinct at Melbourne Zoo.

Female, Mallee, and male, Goulburn, are both two years old and, although desexed, are tightly bonded having lived together most of their lives. 

Melbourne Zoo Carnivores Keeper Jess Stockton said the dingos have quickly settled into their new home at the Zoo. 

"It was really amazing seeing the dingos explore their new habitat," Ms Stockton said. 

"They had a great time. They ran around the whole space. They investigated every single rock, every log and every shrub, made sure they sniffed absolutely everything and have been playing ever since we moved them in. They are settling in really well.” 

Ms Stockton said the duo have quite distinct personalities.

"Mallee takes a while to warm up to new things. She can be quite hesitant at first but she is really playful. Goulburn is two months older than Mallee and very boisterous, very playful and definitely the first to explore new things. He is very vocal as well. 

"They are quite closely bonded together. They play a lot. She definitely puts him in his place, and they explore almost everything together. They are quite inseparable.” 

The dingos are living in a space formerly occupied by African Wild Dogs, a species no longer represented at Melbourne Zoo after its two dogs were euthanised because of declining health and associated welfare considerations. Werribee Open Range Zoo is still home to an unrelated pack of African Wild Dogs. 

Dingos arrived on mainland Australia about 5,000 years ago, and are classified as Vulnerable in the wild by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. 

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