Book your chance to meet Melbourne Zoo's Asian Elephant calf!

Before you reserve your habitat viewing time, there are a few things we need to explain to ensure your day runs smoothly! Please read below before booking your time.

1. Visitation hours and visitor numbers are limited for the well-being of mother and calf. 

2. You may not see the calf during the time slot you reserved. Please be aware that the calf may only be out and about for short periods of time and that mum and calf may need some quiet time away from the view of visitors. If you are unable to see the calf during your visit, we’d love to welcome you back again soon. The calf will stay teeny tiny for a while!

3. You are not guaranteed access to the habitat for the entirety of your booked time slot. During each session, we will be guiding smaller groups through the habitat for approximately 10 minutes of viewing time. This will help to keep the habitat quieter for mother and calf. 

4. We may need to cancel your reserved time without notice. We will try our best to let you know in advance if a reserved time slot gets cancelled, but sometimes this may happen with little to no notice. We appreciate your understanding and patience while we deliver the very best care to bub, mum and the herd.

5. Please be considerate of our staff and visitors. We know how exciting this is and we want to make sure everyone has a wonderful time exploring Trail of the Elephants. Please be considerate and patient as we manage large crowds while caring for our newest arrival.

6. Bookings are free and can only be made in person on the day of your visit. Melbourne Zoo's friendly staff will be ready to guide visitors through the process on site.

7. Each individual with a booking must also hold a valid Standard Admission ticket to Melbourne Zoo or a Zoos Victoria Membership.