Conversations – International Conservation

For Geography teachers who want to use international partnership examples in their curriculum. This member exclusive PD is on-demand so that you can learn anytime, anywhere. Suitable for teachers of Year 9-10 Geography

Program Description

This one hour on-demand PD is exclusive for Zoos Victoria members so you can learn anytime. It is hosted in Flipgrid and includes interesting videos, interactive activities, teaching tips and resources you can use right away. 

This PD supports the Year 9-10 Geography unit ‘Environment Change and Management’Chris BanksInternational Partnerships Managerwill talk about Zoos Victoria’s international conservation partnershipsAngie and Augustine from Rhino Fund Uganda will then share how they are working with local villages to re-establish the Southern White Rhino population. 

You will learn about: 

  • The role of zoos role in environmental management and animal conservation 
  • How international partnerships are achieving change for wildlife 
  • Environmental change in countries like Papua New Guinea and Uganda 
  • How Zoos Victoria and Rhino Fund Uganda have worked together to respond to an environmental challenge 

This PD supports the teaching of the Victorian Curriculum Level 9-10: Geography 

Professional Standards

This PD is accredited for the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: 

Standard 2.1 Content and teaching strategies of the teaching area(s) 

You will learn new content that you can include in your Geography curriculum 

Standard 3.4 Select and use resources 

You will be provided with a range of Geography teaching resources 

You will receive a certificate for one hour of professional development. 

Get Started

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