Man jumping in the air doing the splits in front of Corroboree Frog statue at Moomba.

Design our Moomba Float

We need your help designing the Zoos Victoria float that will be part of the 2020 Moomba Parade in Melbourne!

Next year we want the critically endangered Mountain Pygmy-possum to be front and centre of our parade. We're inviting our members of all ages to design a float that helps tell the story of the Mountain Pygmy-possum's Tunnel of Love at Mt Little Higginbotham.

What do Mountain Pygmy-possums look like?

Mountain Pygmy-possums are adorable little marsupials. They are about the size of a golf ball with dark grey fur, a long tail, a tiny pink nose and brown tummy. They are Australia’s only hibernating marsupial and unfortunately they are facing extinction due to a variety of reasons including the male and female possums being separated by roads and other developments that run right through their habitat.

What is the Tunnel of Love?

Before this tunnel was built, two groups of Mountain Pygmy-possums at Mt Little Higginbotham were separated by the Great Alpine Road with no safe or easy way for the possums to get to each other. Now, thanks to the Tunnel of Love, friendships can blossum and the possums can be reunited! The Tunnel of Love includes lots of rocks and boulders at the entrances and throughout the tunnel that help protect the possums from foxes and feral cats that may try and eat them.

How can I design a float?

All you need to do is come up with an idea inspired by the Mountain Pygmy Possum and their Tunnel of Love. Download the Moomba design template and send your design as well as a 50-word summary that explains your design to Entries close midnight July 31, 2019. See the terms and conditions >>