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Presented by ABC TV's Gardening Australia

Our good friends at Gardening Australia have provided some easy tips on how to create a backyard that will help wildlife during summer.

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How to attract birds to your garden by feeding responsibly

To feed or not to feed? That is the question. Urban ecologist Darryl Jones says feed! But do it the right way. Ultimately, feeding birds is something we do for our own enjoyment but if you follow the three important points – hygiene, quality and quantity – then you won’t do any harm.

How to create a wildlife-friendly garden

When Yolanda Van Rooyen bought a house that backed onto bushland, she wanted to create a garden that would extend the wildlife habitat.

How to choose the right plants to create habitat for wildlife

Building developments are popping up in the empty paddocks around Sophie's patch, so Sophie's driveway wildlife habitat corridor is more important than ever.

How to attract bats with DIY bat boxes

A single microbat can eat up to 500 mozzies in an hour, so they are a critter worth having in the garden!

How to correctly net fruit trees to avoid hurting wildlife

Fruit netting with a large mesh size can entangle and injure animals. 

If you choose to net your fruit trees, use wildlife-friendly netting (netting that you can’t fit your finger through). 

Consider leaving some fruit trees net-free at times to help wildlife.

Looking for more?

Check out some more helpful videos from Gardening Australia on what you can do in the backyard to help both your garden and local wildlife thrive.