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Werribee Open Range Zoo


The Plains Zebra has rather broad stripes, especially towards its rump, with colour ranging from black to dark brown. There is also often a brown ‘shadow stripe’ between the black and white stripe.

There are two other zebra species: the Grevy’s Zebra, which have narrow, closely spaced pinstripes over most of the body right to the hooves, and the Mountain Zebra, which have faint stripes between darker stripes.

Plains Zebras are social animals. They form family groups consisting of a dominant stallion, several mares and foals. Unattached males form separate bachelor groups. Due to the prevalence of predators for zebras, they are restless, highly vigilant and very vocal.

While Plains Zebra are common in Africa, like many species they are vulnerable to loss of habitat and hunting.

The Plains Zebra at Werribee Open Range Zoo are very important ambassadors for their cousins in the wild, particularly the Grevy's Zebra, which is on the brink of extinction. Listed as Endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) the Grevy’s Zebra population is estimated to have declined by over 50% in a little under two decades. The most current field research suggests there are approximately 2,000 Grevy's Zebra left in the wild.

The most notable threats to the Grevy’s Zebra are: loss and degradation of habitat due to overgrazing, hunting, reduced available water sources, competition for natural resources, and disease.

Zoos Victoria is working to save the Grevy’s Zebra through a community conservation program called Beads for Wildlife. You can continue helping us with our fighting extinction mission when you support Beads for Wildlife.

Buying a handmade, beaded piece offers crucial support for families in Northern Kenya; reduces the community’s reliance on large numbers of domestic livestock, which in turn reduces competition with local wildlife for natural resources; decreases pressure and violence between tribes fighting over livestock, and, increases the numbers and diversity of wildlife seen in Northern Kenya.


Born 1987

Pip may be the oldest zebra at Werribee Open Range Zoo, but she still looks and acts as youthful as the other young zebras on the savannah. Pip loves spending time grazing with her dazzling looking partner, Umbani.


Born 2002

Blessed with dazzingly spectacular stripes, Umbani is one of the dominant males on the lower savannah. He is a great leader and is usually found close by his girlfriend, Pip, making sure none of the lone, bachelor boys have the opportunity to steal her away from him! 

Zebra foal at Werribee Open Range Zoo

Stripes a welcome sight for conservation awareness

Werribee Open Range Zoo has welcomed a new Plains Zebra foal to the world.

Born to parents Melako and Zaide, the long-limbed two-week-old male has been named Mudhe, which means tall in Zulu.

15 October 2018
Zebra foal Ziwa close up

Zebra foal Ziwa dazzling at Werribee Open Range Zoo

Keepers are celebrating the birth of a healthy Zebra foal at Werribee Open Range Zoo just in time for Mother’s Day.

The female foal was born early in the morning of Friday 28 April to first time mum Zaide and keepers are delighted with how they are progressing.

11 May 2017
Shadowfax winery

Shadowfax and the Savannah

Werribee Open Range Zoo and Shadowfax Wines have joined forces to create the perfect day of wine and wildlife at Werribee Park.

Slumber Safari 2016 YouTube video

Slumber Safari

Enjoy an overnight experience at the Zoo in our luxury safari camp. Your stay includes amazing close-up animal encounters, drinks and dips at sunset, a sumptuous dinner, unique night-time activities and breakfast.

  • It was previously thought that zebras were white with black stripes. However, embryological evidence shows that the animal’s background colour is actually black and the white stripes are additions
  • The collective noun for a group of zebras is a dazzle of zebras
  • Every zebra has its own unique pattern of black and white stripes
  • Like horses, zebras sleep standing up, and only sleep when other zebras are around to warn them of predators