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Gorillas Talk
1.45pm every day

Stroll through the Zoo at your own speed, spotting lions, hippos, cheetahs, monkeys, gorillas and more on the African River Trail. 

Western Lowland Gorilla

In the African jungle, Western Lowland Gorillas live in multi-gender family groups or bachelor herds, usually led by a single silverback male. They’re classed as Critically Endangered and are vulnerable to habitat loss, hunting and human-borne diseases. Just like us, gorillas make sounds to communicate, including grumbles, giggles, grunts and coughs.
Conservation Status
Critically Endangered

African Lion

The majestic lion once lived throughout Africa, Asia, Europe and India. Now it’s estimated that only 16,500-30,000 remain in the wild. They’re the only cats to live in a family group, called a pride. Lions are carnivorous. The females hunt a variety of prey as a team, using an ambush method.
Conservation Status

African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog is also known as the ‘Painted Dog’ due to the unique patterns along its body. They’re speedy, voracious hunters with an acute sense of smell. Their menu includes antelope, warthog, zebra and ostrich, and they pursue their prey relentlessly, overcoming it with exhaustion before pouncing!
Conservation Status
Critically Endangered